Heredia, Costa Rica, City Tour!

Once again, I am back dating this post. One of these days, I will get my blog posts written in advanced.

After classes last Friday, the Sol program directors took half of we Sol students into Heredia for a city tour and fruit taste session.

Our first item on the agenda included riding the public bus to the city center. I cannot say that I fully absorbed what bus to take to get into the center of Heredia, but I successfully managed to get onto the bus with the rest of the Sol students.

Once in the city center, the Sol directors divided us into small groups of 3-4 students. We each drew a card with the name of a fruit on it that we needed to purchase. With money in our hands, our groups split off to head into the chaos of what is a market: stalls, color, booths, shouting of prices and products. My group successful purchased our fruit pretty quickly and spent our extra time wandering around. Since the upcoming Sunday happened to be Costa Rica’s Independence Day, the market had decorations in red, white, and blue.

Welcome to the crazy of what is a market!

After handing off our fruits to one of the two Sol directors, our huge group of gringos followed the other Sol director into the market to look at the band and costumed people who had marched into the market. Much to our delight, the band was playing music and the paper mache mask-wearing individuals were dancing. After snapping pictures, the masked dancers grabbed some of the Sol students to join in on the dancing in the middle of the market. A moment I will never forget.

Dancing in the middle of the market. So. Much. Joy!

Eventually, our group left the merriment to finish out the rest of the city tour. Angie, one of the Sol directors, told us about the history of the church, the tower, and other prominent spots in Heredia.

Image preview
“Group B” exploring Heredia!

After listening to the history of the city, our group made our way to a little building to sample the fruit we had purchased at the market:

  1. Carambola – starfruit
  2. Tamarind
  3. Manzana de agua
  4. Mango maduro
  5. Guayava
  6. Uchuva
  7. Mamon chino
  8. Jocote
  9. Granadilla
  10. Maracuya
  11. Anona
  12. Guanabana

Hands-down, my favorite fruits were mamon chino, guanabana, and maracuya! We rounded out the fruit tasting with corn tortillas with a potato topping and fried platanos with frijoles on top. Yum!

At the conclusion of the food tasting, the rest of the day was free. I went with a group of students and visited the local cemetery. For a cemetery, I have to say that the mountain backdrop made the whole thing pretty stunning!

Heredia Cemetery

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Sydney xo

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