Hiking Tres Cruces

On my first free Saturday in Costa Rica, I headed to Tres Cruces with some of the other Sol students for a hike. I had absolutely no knowledge of where this hike began or what it entailed. I simply was along for the ride.

After meeting up together as a group, we called an Uber to take us to the beginning of what was supposed to be the hiking trail. However, upon reaching the “starting point,” we realized we were not in the correct location. As such, a student rolled down their window and asked a man walking alongside the road for directions. Our amazing Uber driver the took us to where the “start” of the trail began.

Starting out, we witnessed some incredible views.

Costa Rica hiking views

Once beginning the hike, though, our group soon realized we were most likely not in the correct location. Since we were having a great time, we just continued along the path winding our way through the woods. Eventually, our group managed to find what we think was the main path as we began to see other hikers.

Picture stop at a stream/mini waterfall

As a group, we continued our trek through the woods and through streams until we came to a “dead-end” of sorts on the trail. There, everyone ate some lunch. Since the sky started to look stormy, collectively we decided to head back.

A beautiful “dead-end” if you ask me

Funnily enough, our group exited NOT where we started. As far as we can tell, our starting point happened to be on the completely opposite side of where we ended the hike.

In order to get signal to call a return Uber, our group walked down the winding road. Along the way, we met a man selling homemade sweets. He convinced us to purchase some because “after a long hike, a sweet treat is perfect.” They were super delicious!

Once we arrived in Heredia, our group decided to grab a lunch/drink together. I cannot say I liked my pizza, but my Costa Rican “Mistica” porter tasted pretty amazing!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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