Completing my first class!

Today, I wrapped up my first class in Costa Rica! I managed to finish the class with a B, which I am thrilled to receive because I can safely say that I struggled to understand my professor the majority of the three-week class. During my short time here, I have learned that there are some people you will meet and will never be able to understand.

The day before my exam, I also had an “ah-ha” moment when I learned via SpanishDict that the indicative Spanish mood (who knew Spanish had three moods?) contained six different verb tenses. Suddenly, I realized why I had missed the mark on some exercises for my class.

For basically teaching/re-teaching myself the day before an exam worth 25% of my grade, I think a B is amazing!

There are a few different things I have noticed that I have improved on while being in Costa Rica for three weeks:

  1. Speaking is much easier for me! Am I fluent? Heck no! I awkwardly stare at the ceiling sometimes while I think of what verb I need to conjugate and what tense said verb must be in to make sense. However, when I think back to my placement oral exam, I have improved tremendously! I successfully carried on a conversation with another student in my class for 5 minutes about climate change for the oral component of my final exam. I call that a win!
  2. Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary. I did not realize how much an individual learns vocabulary-wise during the time they are alive. There are times when I want to say something to someone, but I do not know the word(s) needed to convey what I want to say. As a result, I rephrase my response with words I do know. As long as I can get my point across, I am good to go!
  3. Lastly, writing. In my class, we did very little writing like essays or worksheets. Most of the time we did verbal exercises. However, though I did not believe at the time the verbal exercises were helpful and thought writing would be more beneficial, I firmly believe the verbal exercises have helped make my writing in Spanish much easier. This in the whole grand scheme of things makes sense because all humans learn to speak before they learn how to write.

That’s all for now! I’m off to have a relaxing first free weekend!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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