A Sunday in San Jose

During my first “free” weekend, I decided to relax on Saturday and then head to San Jose with other Sol students on Sunday.

Our whole group successfully managed to get onto the bus. However, I made a poor decision on where to stand.

Let’s flash back to the first time I rode the bus for the Heredia city tour

During this momentous first bus ride, our Sol directors told us to not stand in front of sensors found near the doorways of the bus. The sensors count the amount of people who get on and off the bus. I presume the total number of people is balanced against the cash fare collected for the day.

Flash forward to Sunday, September 29, I stood near the door and crossed past the sensors because there were not many open seats. The bus driver (thinking that I do not understand ANY Spanish) begins to pantomime that I cannot cross back across the sensors to go sit in an empty seat. He does this a few times, which starts to annoy me slightly, because I do understand Spanish (to a certain extent) and realized my mistake. Everyone on the bus is staring at me and another Sol student (who made the same mistake). Yes, I realize I am a dumb gringa. Forgive me! For the duration of the 30-minute bus ride, I had to stand. Lesson learned!

When we arrived to San Jose, we made our way to the San Jose sign for a quick photo opportunity.

Bienvenido a San Jose

After snapping photos, our group walked to the Jade museum where we spent the next couple of hours looking at sculptures and learning about how Shaman used Jade for healing properties. I felt the Jade museum had the perfect amount of information available to read.

The reading and waking through the museum made everyone hungry. Since our group was large, part of the group went to a sit down restaurant for lunch while myself, Sheri (my roommate), and another Sol student went in search of what I like to refer to as “market food.” As we walked down the street, all three of us smelled bread wafting in the air from a Columbia Panaderia. Impulsively, our group of three went to check out the food and ended up with a suburb lunch of carbs. I chose a bread item stuffed with refried beans and cheese, a fruit juice consisting of pineapple, maracuya (passion fruit), and banana, and a delicious layered pastry similar to baklava (layered bread with custard in the middle and topped with powder sugar.) For a $7 lunch, I was thrilled with the outcome.

Our foodie group decided to explore after lunch since we had some time to kill. We headed to a nearby park where we found a cute bridge and some neat mosaics in a tunnel.

After our brief exploration, we headed back to meet up with the rest of the group. By this time it was late afternoon, so collectively we decided to check out the Pre-Colombian Gold Museum. This museum had a temporary exhibit about the development of Costa Rican currency and artifacts with information relating to the Pre-Colombian period.

By the time we exited our second museum of the day, everyone was tired and ready to head back.

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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