Welcome to my house!

Welcome to my house!

A little bit about my house…

  1. Sheri (my roommate) and I have the whole second floor to ourselves. Upstairs, there is a bathroom we share and a nice sitting area with large windows. We also each have our own bedrooms.
  2. My abuela and her boyfriend live in the apartment attached to the back end of the house. Their dog, Lukas, frequently comes over to visit. Sometimes, abuela cooks lunch if my host mom is out.
  3. There is only tile in my house. No carpet.
  4. A lot of Costa Rican homes have bars on the windows to deter thieves. My family doesn’t have any bars on their windows. Instead, we have a fence that surrounds the property. The gate leading to the front door has to be locked at all times. This goes for the portion of the gate that crosses the driveway. For additional protection at night, two additional locks are locked on the front door.
  5. The roof is composed of corrugated steel, which I think makes the perfect sound to lull you to sleep when it rains.
My Costa Rican Bedroom

What other questions do you have about my Costa Rican house or Costa Rican houses in general? Leave a question down below!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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