Toucan Rescue Ranch

On Monday, myself and the other Sol students made our way to Toucan Rescue Ranch for a local culture trip.

At Toucan Rescue Ranch, employees and volunteers rescue, rehabilitate, and release Costa Rican wildlife. Originally, Toucan Rescue Ranch only rehabilitated toucans. Eventually, the organization expanded and took in owls and other fowl, sloths, monkeys, and other animals. Animals that are injured are brought to Toucan Rescue Ranch as well as animals that have been confiscated as former pets. Today, Toucan Rescue Ranch is a part of a breeding program to expand the toucan, owl, and sloth population in Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, not all of the animals at Toucan Rescue Ranch cannot be released because they have had too much human interaction in their lives. Some of the animals I learned are extremely playful, while others are dangerous despite being in a cage.

The sloths, or “perezosos” in Spanish, were by far my favorite! All of the sloths at Toucan Rescue Ranch are broken down into different “schools” based on their age and interaction levels. The baby sloths are currently in the lowest level of school and are super fast, which you would not expect at all. Additionally, I learned you have to be have special training to be able to touch and take care of the sloths. As I observed, the baby sloths are fast and can easily puncture the skin of a human.

Overall, visiting Toucan Rescue Ranch was super fun! I enjoyed learning about Costa Rica’s unique wildlife.

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Sydney xo

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