Costa Rica Baking Class!

On the Tuesday following the Panama trip, Group B of the Sol students came to Sheri’s and my house to learn how to bake traditional Costa Rican desserts with my mama tica and abuela.

Our first dessert of the class was empanadas dulces. Essentially, empanadas are a circle of homemade pastry dough folded in half with a filling.

Next, we made cangrejitos and enchiladitas. These consisted of a savory potato filling inside of a square of pastry dough that you fold over (cangreja – crab) or that you fold into a square (enchiladitas.)

Hannah and I hard at work cutting the squares for the cangrejitos and enchiladitas

After our savory cangrejitos and enchiladitas were finished, we moved onto bizcocho casero. This recipe is a cheesy bread that can be folded or twisted into whichever shape your heart desires.

We rounded out the baking class by making pancito casero, which is a sweet bread. The Costa Ricans believe this tastes better the following day. I personally beg to differ. Hot, fresh and straight out of the oven is my favorite way to eat it!

Once our bellies were stuffed, the girls of Group B asked if the dogs could be brought out. Everyone was thrilled to meet our 6 dogs.

My favorite of the 6 dogs, Sven

It’s safe to say that I ended my day with a full belly and full heart!

Leave a positive impression,

Sydney xo

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